Easy Hack to Connect With WiFi Without Password


Now you will be able to connect with WiFi without password. The process is simple, but you need to use WPS. You simply do not require any software or any application. Most of the time you need to reconnect with your home or relatives WiFi again and again because you might have reset the mobile phone or have deleted the connect, or you certainly have not saved the password and forgot it. So whether you have forgotten your password, you can connect with it by using WPS.


What is WPS? You probably have heard the term for the first time. The full term means WiFi protected setup. To connect to the internet, you have to find that where WiFi router is. Each WiFi router has the WPS button on the back side where different ports are located. When you find the WPS button, just push it for at least 10 seconds. Now follow the method to connect your phone to WiFi.


As you have completed the process to push the WPS button, juts open the WiFi settings on your mobile phone. You will see a WPS Pin button. If the WiFi setting does not show any WPS setting, then look for the icon with two arrows moving in an anti-clockwise direction. Wait for at least three minutes for the process to complete. Your mobile WiFi will automatically discover the WPS settings and connect with it without asking for a password.

Recovering the password

There are many applications and software’s which allow the user to retrieve the WiFi password. If you want to get back android file from your phone, then it is advised to root your phone. The GT recovery android application helps to recover the various other files such as images, SMS, and WiFi recovery options.

You have just to install the software and tap on WiFi recovery options to recover the password. The process will take some time and will connect to the phone automatically.

Hope you liked this amazing article. Enjoy to connect with WiFi without password. Remember to share it with your friends and family.


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