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You all know that ‘Rockstar” is the real developers of the GTA games. We have heard that we can never play real GTA 5 Android due to its high graphics and much space but the famous “Unity” developers are trying hard to make GTA 5 for Android devices. They are working hard to develop this game very fast. In every new update, they are adding new things like vehicles, guns, blocks, and roads. So far till v1.6 update, we found some roads, blocks, stent places, guns, a non-controllable character and a stylish heavy bike having different colors. The real complete GTA 5 has 3 main characters but here only one character named Michael is available and other two characters are under development. Below are some expected features of official GTA 5 v1.7 Apk for Android.

Expected Features of GTA 5 v1.7 Apk for Android

  1. More Surface- It is confirmed that developers are adding some more surface to the game. Till GTA 5 v1.6 update we found that there are only roads and very less space available for driving or walking but now it is confirmed that they are adding enough space.
  2. New vehicle– This is also confirmed that a new car is going to add this game. This is good news for GTA  Android lovers. Now you can drive the car in the city and enjoyed a lot.
  3. Realistic Damages- Now in this GTA 5 v1.7 Android update the realistic damages added to the game. Now the cars and bikes will damage while accident. This feature will give a better feel to the player.
  4. Rocket Gun– It is expected that the developer will add a rocket gun, the player will use this for blasting something.
  5. Franklin– It is expected that the developer will add a second character named Franklin. We can change players during the games.
  6. Real Map– As the game is developing it is very much expected that a new map will available in this update.
  7. New buildings– It is expected that the buildings will add in this update.

 Note! The name of the game is now changed due to copyright issue and the new name of the game is Los Angeles Crimes 

Download link

Click Here to Download

Latest Download Link GTA 5 Los Angeles Crimes Apk v1.8

How to download

  • Click on the above link and download the file
  • Click and install the file
  • If ask then unable unknown source of your device from setting/Security/Unknown Source and enable it. Now install and play





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