Download latest PokeMesh APK 9.3.2- Real Time Map for updated Pokemon Go


Hello, Guys. I am here with a good news for Pokemon Go lovers. The players which are using updated Pokemon Go game now latest Pokemash 9.3.2 apk is available for them. Here I’ll show you how to download latest PokeMesh APK Real time Map on PokeMon Go.

This PokeMesh 9.3.2 update is just released for updated Pokemon go which makes Pokemon Go easy to play. PokeMash is a real time map which helps to show Pokemon, Poke stops, gyms and other things on your screen so that you can catch them easily. Actually, PokeMesh is a solution to play Pokemon Go easily. Install Latest PokeMesh 9.3.2 APK and have real time map and enjoy Pokemon Go.

PokeMesh 9.3.2 APK Real Time Map

Niantic, the developer of the game is very strict about any illegal activity on Pokemon Go, They always remain busy to keep Pokemon Go away from different hacks and third party apps.  After the updating of this game, many hacks and apps stop working on Pokemon go, but now there is no need to worry because latest Pokemesh APK is available for updated Pokemon Go and now you can easily install Pokemesh 9.3.2 Apk for Android.


Features of latest Pokemash Real Time Map

  • The latest Pokemesh 9.3.2 works on updated Pokemon Go Android game.
  • Pokemesh displays hidden Pokemon, gyms, poke stops and others catching things on the screen.
  • Pokemesh has push notification feature, it informs you when a Pokemon is around you.
  • Very useful for starters of the Pokemon go, it helps a player to recognize the game from beginning.
  • It makes easy and helps a player to reach the higher levels of the game without facing many difficulties.


Enough talk now, let’s move to the real topic. First, I will show you how to download and install Pokemesh 9.3.2 for android for updated Pokemon go game and after installation I will show you how to use Pokemesh.

How to Download and Install Pokemesh APK for Android.

  1. Download Pokemesh 9.3.2 APK for Android from HERE.
  2. While downloading you need to Enable Unknown Source of your Android device.  for this go to your device Setting>>Security, scroll down, find Unknown Source and Enable it.
  3. Wait some time while downloading. After downloading find the folder where you have downloaded Pokemesh apk.
  4. Now it’s time to install the package. Tap on downloaded Pokemesh APK file and install this on your device.
  5. Open your app drawer. Find Pokemesh app and open it. It will ask for Login, you can use your G-mail or PTC account. Provide other details and tap on OK.

All done friends. Now you can use Pokemesh real time map on Pokemon go. If you have any issue let us tell in comments, Androidfunz will pleasure to guide you in any trouble.




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