Download GTA 3 APK SD data free for Android


 Hello friends, hope you fine, our today’s topic is about how to Download GTA 3 APK SD data free for Android and you are here because of this. GTA 3 is all time evergreen game, the game which is most famous and the popular game of the world, yes I am talking about the amazing and most playing Grand Thief Auto 3 which is considered the most successive and most playing game of the world. The specialty of the game is that every age of the men, women and children’s like to play this game. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to Download GTA 3 APK SD data free for Android, the downloading process is easy and working well on Android devices. So stay with me and easily Download GTA 3 APK SD data free for Android. Let’s have a look at some parts of this great game.

GTA 3 (Grand Theft Auto III) is an open world adventure and full of an action game. This great entertainment is developed by DMA Design and published by Rockstar Games, which are famous for providing good and award winning games. GTA 3 was released in October 2001. The first release of the game was for Play station 2 and in May 2002, it was released for Microwave Windows.

Gameplay Of GTA 3 Apk

Whole game runs around the Liberty City which is based on the great New York City. The game is full of action, shooting, fighting and more fun u can imagine. In the city, the player should meet with the mafia and show them with his power that there is no boss, a player is free to do all in the game. A player can do everything in the city, he can jump everywhere in the game, he can swim in the river, he can use weapons and can perform hand to hand fight. It gives amazing feel when a player drive a vehicle because he can drive all the cars, bikes and other vehicles which he wants.He can run a boat, he can also fly a helicopter in the game. Al these things makes this game interesting. The game has no limits which are the specialty of the game. He can gain money after fighting the bad peoples and also from completing the missions of the game.  If the player happens something wrong and reaches ”Wanted” level then the authorities of the city like police, FBI and other forces responded accordingly, the forces follow them and when the player collapses from the injuries then arrested. Now after some seconds, he will re-appear at a nearby hospital or police station. There he loses the weapons which he has and spends money for medical treatment.

Graphics And Sounds

This game looks near to originality due to its great graphics. A game player can control the character as a third person and can freely move in the city where he wants. The buildings, the rivers, the roads and the models of the vehicles are amazing. The sound of the game is good, effects are impressive. Game controls are very easy, defined and customizable. The story of the game is very interesting. The game is same as the Playstation and PC versions. I can just say it is fully entertainment, fully package game having a lot of fun, lot of joy.

As you know this is an award winning game, everyone wants to play this game. But this is paid game on GoogleStore, and many of players haven’t any online account. So in this situation, they want to play this game free of cast, so no need to worry. With the help of this guide, you can Download GTA 3 APK SD data free for Android. So stay with us free download GTA 3 and enjoy the game.

Screenshots of the Game




Requirements of the Game GTA 3 Apk

  1. CPU:                       1 GHz or higher
  2. RAM                         512 MB or higher
  3. Storage                 2 GB at least
  4. OS version           2.3 or higher

Download Files

  1. Download GTA 3 Apk file
  2. Download  GTA 3 SD data

Steps To Download GTA 3 APK SD data for Android

Step No 1

Download GTA 3 APK file from Above link on your mobile

Step No 2

Download SD data of GTA 3 from above link on your mobile

Step No 3

Now enable the Unknown Source of your mobile, for this go to the Mobile Setting>>Security>>Unknown Source and Enable it.

Step No 4

Go back and install the GTA 3 APK game which u have downloaded in Step 1, but don not launches the game.

Step No 5

Extract the SD data of the game using Z achiever or any other.

Step No 6

Now move the extracted SD data ”com.rockstar.gta3” to ”obb” folder which is situated in the Android folder in the internal storage of mobile. If there is no ”obb” folder in the Android folder so create a folder and give him ”obb” name, and then move the file.

Step No 7

Now launch the game and play GTA 3.

That’s it, friends, For more free games, visit If has any problem tell us in comments menu. Thanks



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