How to deal with iPhone memory


Apple iOS provides significant functionality to its users. The users of the smartphones often face difficulty in the battery timing especially iPhone memory causes a lot of problems. The users often download different applications to save the memory but in return, they end up with the same result. There are many applications in the smartphone which keep on running in the background. Such apps consume more memory and results in the slow processing speed. Many users restart their phone which clears all the backend memory and makes the phone sufficient enough to run.

Sometimes rebooting the phone solve all the problems so restart the set in an efficient way.

  • Keep holding the power button until the options show
  • Now select the option and restart your cell.
  • Keep holding the button for a longer time until the mobile does not shuts off completely.

This method is valid on iPhone. It is efficient and works great. However, the results can be achieved on the established smartphones as well.

Use battery doctor to clear the iOS files

The iPhone has many applications which help the user to get rid of the unused documents or temporary files. It contributes in removing the memory and maintains the phone reliability as well as performance. One of the reliable application is the Battery Doctor. The user is notified about the battery status as well as the temporary files which need to be cleared. So download the Battery Doctor and use it.

  • Download the Battery Doctor application and install it. After installation go to the main screen.
  • You will see the junk tab and after taping the option just clean up the cache.
  • Now proceed to clean and let the application examine the records of the phone.
  • Tap the memory option and clock the boost. Battery Doctor will demonstrate to you how much memory has been discharged. You ought to now discover your iPhone runs somewhat snappier.

Delete the iPhone Safari cache

Now proceed to clean out the stores on the iPhone. Make sure to log out from the sites on your phone to clear the Safari Cache or save all the necessary passwords if you need.

  • Go to your phone settings and click Safari
  • Now delete all the history or the website records
  • Now after removing the files of all the files, the battery performance will boost up

So this was all about iPhone memory issues and few methods to tackle them. If you face any problem then comment in the comment section below.


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