How to Confirm Whether iPhone Is Unlocked In iOS


If you own an iPhone, then it is essential to check that whether your iPhone is unlocked or locked.  For the confirmation, you have to check the settings of the application which is really easy. It is the great way to boost the energy of the iPhone. Just enter into the settings and enter the 4 digit passcode. Be careful while following the steps if an iPhone is locked.

  1. Just go to the setting option on your iPhone.
  2. Then tap on the screen. It will show the cellular option to set the language to American English.
  3. Now check the possibility with the Cellular data or mobile network.

If there is an alternate information for the mobile network then most probably your iPhone is unlocked. The option in available on the locked iPhones. You notice an alternative for mobile data network then your iPhone is maximum probable unlocked.

According to many users, the technique does not prove to be effective. If you are buying the second hand, iPhone set then the phone will surely be unlocked.

Unlock iPhone With Sim Card Option

The iPhone users most probably keep two SIM from different networks. The one SIM is for iPhone set. Follow the step by step procedure to test that iPhone is unlocked.

  1. Just rename the telephone or the SIM card name.

2. You can boost the performance of the iPhone by using the power button to restart the phone.

3. To eject the SIM use the proper gadget. Be very careful. From the iPhone, you have to eject the SIM card.

4. Now place your new SIM card.

5. Now to start the phone again just press the power button. Make sure to long press it for at least 5 seconds.

6. Try making a telephone call. Watch that the iPhone can interface the call by utilizing the new SIM card.

If the iPhone does not interface the call, then your iPhone set is bolted. Hope you liked the article. If you face any kind of problem then comment below, we will definitely help you.


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