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Text Messages are the widely used method to contact and talk to someone. Everyone talk to others with the text messages. If you are using a zenci porno izle phone number then this is a good method to contact others. But there are some disadvantages of the text messages. This texting will also use to harass someone and spam messages also disturb you. These Spam message sent by the different companies for the advertisement for their services.images

If you are completely tired of receiving these messages and you want to do something to block that messages then don’t need to worry. oral porno izle There is a good guide to ”How to block the Text Messages on Android Phones”. From these methods, you can easily block text messages from any number you want. You can also use the third party app to block that numbers.

Option 1:

If you are running on android 5.1.1 Lollipop then this method will be done.

  • First, open message app on your android phone.
  • Open More option which is located on the top right side.
  • Click on the ”settings” option.
  • Now tap on Spam Filter.
  • Now open ”Manage Spam Number” and add the which you want to block. ( You can also add number from the contacts).

Option 2:

If you are running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow then follow this process.

  • Open the Massaging app on your Android Phone.
  • Click on More option.
  • Now go into ”Settings”.
  • Click on Block messages.
  • There you will see the three options of Block List, Block Phrases, and Blocked messages.
  • Tap on block List and add the number which you want to block.

Option 3:

There is another way to block the text messages from any contact number which you don’t want.

  • Download the ” Handcent SMS ” and install it too.
  • Click on the menu which is located on the upper left the corner.
  • Select the Gear Icon.
  • Tap on ” Security & Privacy ” and ” Manage Blacklist ”.
  • Now click on the + icon from there you enter the number of the person which you want to block.

There is some method to block someone which you don’t want to contact or send you a message. Hope you like our guide. If there is a problem then tell us in the will guide you.


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