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Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android

Everybody thinks about their body fitness and health. In these fast days of life, no one has time to care themselves. Those who do not care about their body shape than they have many up’s and down in their life, like Cholesterol, blood pressure, muscles and many problems. If you give the shape of your body and working out for the good help then there is a large number of mobile apps which guides and help you to reduce fat and keeps you fit from many diseases and gives beautiful shape to your body. In this post, I will tell you about the Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android on Google PlayStore from where you can download easily and gain the best experience.

These apps are available in google PlayStore for Android Smartphones.

Strava Running and Cycling GPS


Strava Running and cycling GPS apps is an amazing app for keep fit your body. It is a useful app. If you running or Jogging on the daily purposes then with the help of online Google Map, Strava Running and Cycling GPS app help and navigate you to run and gives you instructions to go that way and also gives you the mileage of running. Strava record their runner’s activities and track their distance, speed, pace and other essential stats. It is free on Google PlayStore and you can download it the link which is given below.


Calorie Counter


Calorie Counter is best apps which care about your diet during your normal days as well as during the exercise. Like exercise, diet is as important for your health and this app helps you to lose weight without any weakness and burn fat from the body. Calorie counter gives you the instructions on what to eat for your good health. This is a free app in Google PlayStore. There is also a web interface you can use it and if you want to get pro version then you must pay $0.99.


C25K Couch to 5K by RunDouble


C25K Couch to 5K by RunDouble is a very good app for giving shape to the body and gain good health. The amazing features of this app are to give the time and distance for running which calculate the average pace of runner. It is a complete training companion, starting with the couch to 5k plan which makes you a real marathon runner. This is a completely free app on Google PlayStore and you can get here from the below link.


Runtastic Running & Fitness


Runtastic Running & Fitness app are good fitness app for android users. It has many features which give you the best instructions about fitness and gives shape to your body. It is tracking app for running, jogging, cycling and other fitness activities. It gives you the Map navigation to go that way with the timing watch and mileage for average running. This app has a new feature which gives you the live update of weather. This is a free app on Google PlayStore and you can also get here from the link below.


Daily Yoga: Yoga Fitness app

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Daily yoga is the No. 1 coaching & Fitness App on Google PlayStore. This app is especially for ladies who can not go for jogging and running, can stay home and with the help of Daily Yoga they can do exercises. Yoga gives the different pose instructions which are the best exercise on sitting in the one place. This fitness Yoga app facilitates the most convenient home exercises to burn fat, lose weight, relieve stress and get relaxed. This  app is free on Google PlayStore and from here you can get easily.


Sports Tracker Running Cycling


Sports Tracker Running Cycling is a good app for running, jogging as well as for cycling. It is the best app for Android user from which you can gain the best experience to remain fit and shape your body. It gives you the best instructions and track from where you go and analyze your progress. It is also a good option for cycling which gives the time and mileage for average running. The main feature of this app that you can share your data with the peoples that you want to brag about your fitness. It is a free app on Google PlayStore and also from the below link you can download free.


7 Minutes Workout


7 Minutes workout is a great app for every person which you can be done at home. The app gives you the best tips and tricks for good health and shape of the body. This app helps you to burn fat and calories from the body for good health. The 7 Minutes Workout gives the timing and instructions to lose weight, get a flat tummy and strengthen abdominal muscles. So, this a good app for Android user and you must try this. This app is free on Google PlayStore and from here you can get easily.



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