How To Keep Your Android Device Malware Free


Everyone wants to download newest and advanced applications but the problem is that downloading of apps can lead to malware to your Android devices. If you want to use android with all its qualities then you need to download and install applications which can be dangerous. So to keep your Android device malware free we have shared some tips which will definitely help you.

The ways by which you can avoid malware in the applications are discussed below, follow them and keep malware away from your android devices.

Use Legitimate Sites To Download Apps

The most ideal way of downloading apps in android is to go to the Google App Store and download from there. If you want to download any app you should see the reviews given by random people. These reviews will tell the plus and negative points which will help you to select a malware free app.

Keeping the android version fully updated

You should keep the operating system fully updated because the manufacturers of the operating system are always sending the bug fixes and making the O/S safe from the malware. So keeping the latest version will definitely help. 

Getting a good antivirus

You should get a good antivirus app to avoid malware. Now a days there are many Antiviruses like Avast, McAfee, Kaspersky etc which works perfectly. You can get these antiviruses on yearly subscription.

We should get an antivirus with respect to our requirements. Antivirus cleanses our Android system time by time to avoid any type of malware. Keeping android devices free from malware is not a big problem in this modern world. Manufacturers and programmers are ensuring that the user should have the tools to tackle every kind of malware and other issues.

Employ a VPN ON public wifi

Usage of public Wi-Fi is getting popular but the experts suggest that we should employ a VPN while using public Wi-Fi because it protects the data sending and receiving through encryption which does not let malware to the android system. So use VPN and get keep viruses away.

So these were few tips of keeping your Android device malware free. Follow them and if you face any problem, feel free to ask by commenting below.


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