Android 7.1 Bug and How To Solve The Issue


Android 7.1 Bug

The bug has been caught in the new Android operating system 7.1. The Android 7.1 is offered only in the new phone launched by the Google, Pixel. The Android OS is not available to the other users. The Pixel phone is facing the trouble in pairing with the various vehicles via Bluetooth. Users in many cars have faced the connectivity issues. The same problem was observed in 2015, in the Nexus phones Marshmallow Android but was resolved later. Google is striving hard to find out the reason behind it. From here you will learn to resolve the Android 7.1 bug.

Google Pixel

After the Nexus series, Google has introduced the most modern smartphone to the audience. The phone was bit similar to iPhone 7 and proved to be a great competitor for Apple. The operating system provided by the Google is the latest 7.1 Nougat. The phone is exceptional in features and sleek in style. From the battery life to the camera or the hi-fi speakers, Google struggled hard on the set and is in the list of the best-manufactured phones.

Pixel Users

The users of Google Pixel have reported the connectivity issues via Bluetooth that they are unable to connect or pair their phone. However, the Bluetooth disconnects most of the time. While most of the users can connect the set by resetting the phone or the connectivity settings. The users of Pixel have reported that the device sales will drop in this way. Perhaps the bug of the new Nougat operating system has been caught. The users have also reported the problem with the GM. No matter whatever the reason is, Google is trying hard to solve the issue.

Resolving The Issue

Google is taking radical measures to solve the problem for its users. It is a minor bug because not everyone is facing the problem. Some users are failed to pair the set with their car. The connection develops and maintains with the other devices so it might be because of the new Android on the phone which does not let the users connect or establish the connection via Bluetooth of the car. Let’s wait that when the issue will be resolved.

So this was all about the Android 7.1 bug and the method to deal with it. If you have any queries comment in the comment section below, we will help you out.


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