Samsung Unveils Marshmallow Parental Control App for Android

marshmallow parental control app

For all the parents concerned about their kids’ smartphone usage, this is definitely going to be an excellent news. A new Android app has just hit the Google Play store and this is more than just a parental control app.

There is a whopping number of parental control apps in Android ecosystem but it has not stopped Samsung from releasing its own. The South Korean Company has just unveiled its new Marshmallow parental control app letting the parents keep track of their children’s phone usage. Let me clear that this app has no connection with Google’s mobile operation system Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The Korean tech giant asserted that Marshmallow parental control app is meant to encourage the healthy use of smartphones in children. It is based on self-control and rewards children with gifts based on their phone usage. A kid can earn Marshmallow points when he uses his/her smartphone in a healthy and suggested way. On the other hand, he/she may lose his/her points if he/she fails to do so. Once the kid gets enough points he/she may ask the parents for a real gift card to have a gift of his/her own choice. This card can be used in the outlets like Amazon, Best Buy, Dunkin Donuts and Google Play etc.

Marshmallow parental control app works in a bit different style than other parental control apps do. It lets the kids decide things on their own rather than seeking parents to set the goals for their children. This app allows children to set a daily limit for their smartphone usage. But it does not end here; there is still enough for parents to control as they can prevent their kids using certain apps on their phones. The time limit can be set for a single app or for the entire category so your kid does not play games or use the phone during school hours.

The app comes with a bunch of ingenious features that can make life easier both for parents and kids as well.  The parents can make a list of tasks or reminders to make sure that the homework is done, the dog does get fed and basketball match practice is not missed. More interestingly, they can choose a bedtime for their kids so they can have a better sleep. In short, this app helps you to get in touch with your offspring.

Furthermore, this app allows both parents and kids to have a daily as well as weekly report and detailed information about smartphone usage. You can also see information regarding maximum use time for phone and for every application individually.

Using Marshmallow parental control app, a child can learn how to use a smartphone in a healthy way by setting own targets, achieving plans and getting rewarded. Also, parents can use this app to talk about their smartphone usage habits with their kids.

It is an equally friendly app for both parents and children as it does not only force kids to follow the guidelines set for them by their parents but it also encourages kids to take initiative. It let them take control of their selves by setting own limits and boosting self-control and enjoying independence. This is what most other parental control apps do not take into account.

The name of the app and its methodology remind us about a psychological experiment done in the 60s and 70s at Stanford in which children were asked to opt either for a smaller reward now or a bigger reward later. Similar to that experiment, this app also encourages children to responsibly manage their time and understand that a delayed but greater reward can help more than an immediate and smaller reward. Time management, self-control, and planning for better future are the skills that a lot of people do not actually develop until much later in their life.

This parental control app is exclusively designed for Samsung Galaxy smartphones and is supported on many smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, Note 4, A8, A7, A5, J3, and others. It is compatible with devices running mobile operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop and up. This app is now available as a free download from Google Play Store.