How To Fix These Embarrassing Samsung Galaxy S8 Problems

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 has become the talk of the town as it is being commended for its design, display, and performance. The Korean tech giant released Galaxy S8 and S8+ about a week ago and in this time period, the consumers have found these smartphones more reliable than previously released Galaxy Note 7. However, there are some flaws in these smartphones including Wi-Fi connectivity problems, red screen and hindered wireless charging.

We have listed down some embarrassing Samsung Galaxy S8 problems and the ways to fix them. Have a look!

Wi-Fi Connectivity Problem

Reportedly, Samsung Galaxy S8 has Wi-Fi issues as its wireless connectivity drops out and then comes back without any obvious reason. Samsung has confirmed that it has found a flaw in the way its smartphone communicates with the wireless network.

The company has announced that it will release a software update to fix this issue. If the problem still exists even after the software update, try rebooting your android holding down the button on the right side of your device.

Red Tint Problem

Some Galaxy S8 owners reported a screen problem causing their handsets to take on a reddish shade. First, the company said there was nothing wrong with the screen but later they verified that the problem is with color settings and it was present at the time of shipment.

Similar to the previous flaw, the red screen also requires a software update to be resolved. Once the update is installed, the user will be able to control color settings and a wider range of color balance options.

Hindered Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy S8 users have complained that their handsets sometimes fail to wirelessly charge with certain charging pads. They said the wireless charging fails to resume even after they reboot their devices. Some users also reported a “charging paused” alert.

The company has not yet announced any fix for wireless charging issue. However, it seems that the problem occurs with older wireless charging units. Even if these units are compatible with the Galaxy S8, they fail to communicate with the wireless charging receiver for an unidentified reason. The users using newer model pads are able to successfully charge their handsets. But, it is not a solution and Samsung needs to address this problem as soon as possible.

Sound Distortion

As known to everyone, Samsung Galaxy S8 is a water-resistant smartphone that comes with an IP68 rating. Some users have tried to test this feature dunking their handset in water and they experienced sound distortion after taking back the device from water.

To prevent this distortion, first, wipe your handset and try not to use your speakers for at least one hour. Once the device dries out, the speakers will turn normal and you will be able to use your handset well.

Unresponsive Device

Sometimes your Galaxy S8 may refuse to work properly and the reason might be a bad app or software. In this case, you will not be able to use home button or any other key to resume your work.

The quickest and easiest solution is a reset. Simply hold down the button on the right side of your handset and tap the option to restart. If your device is completely unresponsive, hold down the power button for 10 seconds or more and you will get the option to reset and turn off your device. It will make your phone work normally once it comes back on.

Display Size Issue

Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with an aspect ratio of 18.5:9, whereas the apps are designed to work on a screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The difference causes your app to fail to stretch across the display in landscape mode. This is why you see sleek black bars on both sides of your screen.

The way to avoid these bars is to make your app go full screen. Go to your phone settings and find the menu option Display. Scroll down a bit and you will have Full-Screen Apps option. Once you tap on it, you will have a list of apps to choose which should automatically go full screen. One thing to be noticed here is that when you choose an App to be automatically stretched, your app will get cropped a little at the top and bottom making you lose some information.