How To Block A Phone Number On Android Device

how to block a phone number

Mobile phones have made it easier to stay in touch with your family, friends and loved ones. However, not all people who contact us through mobiles can be our associates. Some of them can be spammers, telemarketers or annoying strangers. You just don’t need to tolerate these unwanted calls, simply block them! Learn here how to block a phone number on your Android smartphone. Also, find out how to block text messages on Android phones.

Most Android phones have built-in features to block specific numbers. The procedure to block calls or annoying numbers varies from phone to phone, so it is out of the question to give detail about necessary steps to block numbers on every single phone. In this guide, we have explained how it can be done with the most popular Android devices including Samsung, Nexus, LG, and HTC.

How to block a phone number on Samsung Phone

Most of you likely have Samsung phone and the reason is obvious. The Korean tech giant is unquestionably the biggest Android smartphone manufacturer. Click here for an in-depth review of the year’s top smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8.

To get rid of those unwanted calls on Samsung phone, follow the given instructions.

  • Open the phone app.
  • Go to the recent calls section.
  • Select the number you want to block and hit More located on the top right corner.
  • Select the Add to Auto Reject List.
  • To remove the number from the Rejected list, or make more edits, go to Settings. Open Call Settings, after that All Calls, and then Auto Reject. Here you can add more numbers or remove existing numbers from the list.

How to block a phone number on Nexus

Blocking phone numbers on Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X is as easy as to take a selfie. There are two ways to do this. The first and simplest is to open your Phone app and access your recent calls. Press and hold the phone number you want to block until a pop-up menu appears. Select Block number from the given options.

The second procedure to block phone numbers on Nexus phone is trouble-free too. Open the Phone app and select the 3-dot menu icon on the top right corner. Choose Settings then Call Blocking and add the numbers you want to block.

How to block a phone number on LG Phone

The process to block phone numbers on almost all LG phones is very similar, with a few slight differences. Here is how to block annoying numbers on most LG phones.

  • Open the Phone app.
  • Tap the 3-dots menu icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select Call Settings
  • Go to Reject Calls
  • Tap the + button to add the phone number you want to block.

How to block a phone number on HTC Phone

Like the previous Android phones, Call blocking is also very unfussy on HTC Phones. Below is the procedure to block unwanted phone numbers on HTC devices.

  • Open the Phone app.
  • Go to Recent Calls section.
  • Press and hold the phone number you want to block.
  • Select Block Contact, and then tap OK.

Third Party apps for Blocking phone number

If your Android phone does not have an inbuilt call blocking feature, or if you are not satisfied with the call blocking feature on your phone, there are various third-party Call Blocking Apps on the Google Play store. We have shared here one trusted call blocking app you can download on your Android device without pay anything.

Call Blocker App

You can use this ad-supported Call Blocker app absolutely Free. If you subscribe to the paid and ad-free version, you can enjoy premium features including the Private Space feature to store your private SMS and call logs.

Click here to download Call Blocker App from Google Play Store. Tap install and follow the on-screen instruction to successfully install this app on your device. Start the app and tap Agree to continue. It allows you to list a number on either whitelist or blacklist. Add the number you want to block in the blacklist. The numbers on the whitelist will be exempted.

We hope that you would master blocking the spammers, telemarketers and unwanted phone numbers with this guide. If you have any query, you can ask us in the comments section.