Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s New iOS-Powered Siri Speakers

Siri Speakers

After Amazon, Apple is planning to bring its voice assistant Siri to the home in form of smart speakers. Reportedly, the Siri Speakers will be Apple’s first new iOS-powered product line since the Apple Watch. The device will feature excellent sound with some form of Beats technology and run a version of iOS. Moreover, there are rumors that Apple’s smart speakers will feature facial recognition via a built-in camera. Read on to know everything about these smart speakers.

Siri Speaker Specifications

If you want to have an idea about the potential of Siri speakers, then start from voice assistant on your iPhone. At present, Siri can sync a number of core features of the iPhone. It can find and read your emails, create events, add reminders, set timer and alarms, call and video Facetime contacts.

Siri is also integrated into Apple HomeKit, which is a home automation ecosystem allowing you to control all the connected devices from a single application. Siri can turn lights off, power on a ceiling fan or increase your home’s thermostat.

It is pertinent to mention here that Siri has some problems as compared to its competitors. For instance, it prioritizes Apple’s own apps rather than letting you use substitutes. If you ask Siri to play music, it only plays the songs that are stored in Apple Music App.

One the other hand, both Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, and Google Assistant allow you to use music app of your own choice and do not restrict you to Amazon Prime Music or Google Play respectively. We hope that Apple will put further efforts to Siri before making its way to smart speakers.

Facial Recognition

Most of the smart speakers available in the market entirely rely on voice and verbal commands given by the user. But there are rumors that Apple’s Siri speakers will feature facial recognition. There will be a built-in camera to recognize which user is interacting with the device.

Emotions Recognition

There are rumors that as well as facial recognition, Apple’s smart speakers will be able to recognize user’s emotions. It is not known yet that how this feature would work but we hope that it would be exciting.

Beats Technology

According to another report, the Siri Speakers will make use of some form of beats technology but this is still unknown that what this could be. A few days back Apple leaker Sonny Dickson reported that the company is finalizing the design for Amazon’s Alexa competitor and it is expected that the company will market this product as Siri or AirPlay device. He further said that the device might feature beats technology and run an iOS version.

AirPlay Technology

Purportedly Apple’s Siri Speakers will allow users to stream audio and videos from their phone to an audio player or television respectively, thanks to Apple’s AirPlay technology. The competitor Amazon Echo Dot has a 3.5mm audio jack output that allows it to plug into a music player. Siri might have the similar functionality.

Siri Speakers Release Date

There are rumors that Apple will unveil its new iOS powered product in June during its annual conference of WWDC. Most probably, Apple will release this product in the second half of the year during the Christmas shopping season. However, we are a bit skeptical about these rumors for some reasons.

First, WWDC is an event traditionally for software and not for the hardware, so it would be awkward to talk about Siri Speakers in this conference. Second, if Apple announces its smart speakers during WWDC, it would not wait for its release till Christmas. At the same time, there are reports that Apple employees have started testing this product at their home, so we guess it is not far away.

Siri Speaker Price

The competitors of Siri Speakers are priced between $50 and $180.So, we guess that Apple’s smart speakers will be priced towards the high end of this range. However, the company is yet to confirm the information about its new product including its price.

Interestingly almost all the tech giants are gearing up their existing voice assistants to work in a home environment. After Amazon, Google and Apple, Microsoft also seems to be preparing a smart speaker equipped with its voice assistant Cortana. Under these circumstances, we can predict that the market is going to get crowded with this technology sooner or later.