10 Funky New Apps And Updates You Need To Know About


Recently, the world encountered some exciting iPhone and Android application launches and updates. While Snapchat added 3D filters to its rear camera, and FaceApp launched on Android, a new app Memoji turned selfies into emojis. Read on to know about some funky new apps and updates you might have missed.

1.WhatsApp update to pin favorite chat

The popular Instant Messaging app added a new feature allowing its users to pin their favorite chat at the top. Simply press on the individual or group chat you want to pin and choose the in symbol at the top bar. The new WhatsApp update also allows you to delete, mute or archive conversation.

2.Memoji – turns selfies into emoji

Facetune has recently released an exciting photography app allowing users to turn their selfies into emojis. Called Memoji, this app takes a photo of your face and gives it emoji expressions. You can make your face smiling, crying, surprising, blowing kisses, getting angry or sick etc. You can use your own selfie or can import a picture of someone else from any other source and can turn into exciting animated emojis. This app is available to download from iTunes but the Android users will probably have to wait for its arrival on Google Play Store.

3.Uber update to passenger rating

Now you do not need to email Uber support or wait to find out passenger rating. The taxi app has made it easier for the users to find out how the drivers rated them. Simply start the app, and your passenger rating will be visible to you.

4.Google update to video stabilization

For all the Google photo users out there, this is definitely a good news. The app is adding a video stabilization feature allowing users to have shake-free videos. According to reports, this feature rolls out with version 2.13 and can be used on Android devices. The iPhone users cannot have the benefit of this update as it has not arrived for iOS yet.

5.Instagram update to photo saving and organizing

It seems that Instagram is trying to add the flavor of Pinterest to its platform. Like Pinterest, now the Instagram users will also be to save and organize their favorite photos. They can create their own albums by organizing them in folders, called collections. The option to save photos on Instagram has been around since the end of last year, but the ability to organize them is the latest offering.

6.Snapchat features world lenses

There is another exciting update for those who are fans of Snapchat’s filters. Now you can apply these thrilling filters not just to your selfies but also to the world around. Snapchat has added lenses named world lenses for not just selfies but also for other photos. You can apply these 3D filters to photos and videos of the world around you. This is not all, the developers say that these filters will change each day.

7.Slack status update

The work chat app Slack now let its users set a status message. Whether you are traveling, heading to a meeting or just want to let everyone know that you are enjoying your favorite coffee, this app lets you choose an emoji as your status. This emoji will appear next to your username in conversations and in the direct message list.

8.Cabana- group video chat app

Cabana is a new mobile application that let you watch videos or interact with several friends at a time. Similar to the group video chat app Houseparty, Cabana also allows its users to join video group chat or create a new chat room for others.

9.FaceApp for Android

Now, this is going to be a good news for Android users. FaceApp is a selfies app that let you age your face or swap your gender using neural network technology. This app can add two types of smiles on your face, can make you look younger or older, and alter your gender. This amazing app has been available on iOS since January, but it came to Google Play Store last month.

10.Google’s Fact Checking

Google has added a feature in its search and news results that will assess the authenticity of the information. The fact checking is not done by Google itself, but it is done by renowned independent fact-checking organizations like PolitiFact and Snopes.